Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council Mission Statement

We, the Parish Pastoral Council of St John’s Parish, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will build a thriving Parish family where we deepen our relationships with God and each other. Our Parish will be a place of welcome and belonging where all are cherished and know that they have a part to play in Parish life.

Why do we have a Parish Pastoral Council?

In the Diocesan Pastoral Plan, one of its aims is to promote co-responsibility among laity, clergy and religious at every level of the life of the Diocese. To take this aim forward, a Parish Pastoral Council has been established to work with Fr Tony to identify the key Pastoral issues facing our parish and to discern the appropriate responses.

What does a Parish Pastoral Council do?

We are called to do three things:

REVIEW: Pastoral matters by finding out what is happening already in the Parish and ask what else could be happening.

REFLECT: We pray, discuss and discern these matters

RECOMMEND: We recommend practical ways forward to enhance the mission of the Parish according to our planned Pastoral Themes.

Who are the members of the Parish Pastoral Council?

Father Martin Magill (President)

Eileen Burns

Annette Hinchcliffe (Chairperson)

Frances Mc Evoy (Secretary)

Michael Mohan

Adam Popiolek

Mary Shannon

Year One Pastoral Plan

Our pastoral themes                                             

Building Friendships 

Refreshments in the hall after daily Mass

Acceptance and Welcome

Welcome back to the Parish Mass

Greeting team

Invitation to Participation

Invite parishioners to become

ministers of the word and Eucharist.

Begin a ‘Do this in Memory’ programme

Opportunities to experience God’s Love

Begin monthly daytime adoration

and a book of intercession

Begin a faith development programme

God our Father,

your son Jesus has given his church the mission to proclaim the Gospel to all the nations. May our efforts to fulfil this mission be guided by the Holy Spirit so that we might be a leaven of new life, salt for the earth and a light for the world. Help us to be worthy missionaries and faithful to you.

St Malachy, pray for us

St MacNissi, pray for us

St Columbanus, pray for us