Parish Groups

Apostolic Work

Apostolic Work is a voluntary organisation, made up of people who work in different ways to provide help for those who suffer and are deprived. It originally helped foreign missions by supplying vestments, sacred vessels etc.

Today, the members share in the missionary apostolate of the Church through prayer, by knitting, sewing, baking etc. and by providing material and financial assistance to foreign missionaries. Money is raised through voluntary subscriptions, sales of work and an annual fund raising day (notified in the weekly Parish Bulletin) held in the church porch.  This money goes directly to Churches, clinics, food, water, medicines, street children and those who are in great need. 


Bethany Group

The aim of the Group is to support our bereaved Parishioners through listening to them and remembering their loved one.  We visit recently recently bereaved families.  We also pray for the deceased parishioners and their families.

Parishioners are also welcome to contact us for a chat or to request a visit on 028 90 314112/028 95 433132 Opt 5


If you are a good listener and could spare 2-3 hours a month why not think about joining us, for more information contact Fr Martin or the above phone numbers. 


Church Cleaners

The Church Cleaners are Parishioners who sacrifice their time and labour by regularly cleaning the Church.  The group consists of 10 Parishioners, who clean the Church.

It is also a sign of reverence for the ever-present Risen Lord.  The group is open to all Parishioners who would like to help to clean our place of worship.

Contact: The Parish Office


Finance Committee

This is a consultative body established to assist the Parish Priest in the sound and proper administration of the Parish.

This is done by clarifying issues and making recommendations enabling the Parish Priest to be fully aware of all aspects of Parish finances when making decisions about financial matters.

The committee of 6 is chaired by a lay Parishioner with the Parish Priest in attendance. Membership of the committee includes skills in banking, teaching, IT, private business and public affairs.


Other financial activity:

Gift Aid Scheme

Parishioners who pay income tax can increase the value of their contributions to the Parish simply by having a Gift Aid Agreement.

This scheme is easy to operate and can be done at no cost or inconvenience to Parishioners.  Contributions to the Parish must however, be made by collection envelope, standing order or cheque – cash put on the collection plates is not eligible for Gift Aid.



The Church florist prepares and maintains the flowers throughout our Church every week.  She applies her creativity to design ever changing beautiful displays.

This includes altar flowers as well as the decoration of our Church for annual celebrations such as Easter, Christmas etc.



Ministers of the Eucharist

This group of Parishioners assists with the celebration of the Eucharist on Sundays and weekdays as Ministers of the Eucharist.  Their function is to assist the Priest in distributing Holy Communion.

To establish the connection between the Sunday assembly and the homebound and sick of the Parish, Ministers are sent from the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist to take Communion to them.  New Ministers of the Eucharist welcome.

Contact: The Parish Office


Ministers of the Word

This group of Parishioners assists with the celebration of the Eucharist on Sundays and weekdays as Ministers of the Word.

They are commissioned to proclaim the Word of God at Mass from Sacred Scripture, with the exception of the Gospel. At the Ambo the Reader is the spokesperson for the Word of God.

In proclaiming the word of God from Sacred Scripture, readers exercise their responsibility in mediating the presence of Christ. God speaks to the assembly through them, and the impact of God’s message will depend significantly on their conviction, their preparation, and their delivery.  New readers welcome.

Contact: The Parish Office


Parish Hall

The Parish Hall is a high quality multi-use building underneath the  Church, featuring a large size hall and a small room(St Kevins room),  catering facilities to meet all needs from small group meetings to family celebrations

It is at the disposal of all Parish groups and is run by a small committee of six including the Parish Manager .

The Manager is responsible for the day to day running of the Centre and ensures that the annual running costs are covered by setting reasonable charges based on the room size, duration of events.

Please contact Conor  028 9031 4112 (Opt 2)  for all enquiries.


Safeguarding Committee

St John’s Parish Safeguarding Committee has developed robust and transparent policies firmly established with the aim of ensuring the promotion of safe child care practices in all parish related activities involving children and young people.

Thus there is a shared responsibility between Priests and the laity.

Members of the Safegurding play a key role in identifying those who in our Parish who work alongside children and young people and those of our volunteers who require vetting and training.

The Committee has clearly defined roles and the Diocese of Down and Connor offers valuable support through training and the development of best practice guidelines in carrying out their vital role in the protection of children and young people.

Contact: The Parish Office


St. Vincent de Paul Conferences

The St Vincent de Paul Society of St John’s primarily aim to help families in our own community who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of ill health, unemployment, low wages or serious debt. We carry out home visits to assess what help is needed. We rely solely on the weekly contributions to the Red Box and occasional larger donations. The money is given to families who need food, fuel, clothing, white goods and /or furniture. At Christmas, we distribute food hampers to needy families and also gifts and toys kindly donated by Parishioners.



Since the foundation of our Parish, 85+ years ago a hallmark has been the sterling tradition of volunteering. Down through the generations Parishioners of all ages have given generously of their time and talents to support the Priests and build and develop a vibrant Parish community. As we endeavour to address the challenges of our times, in a spirit of co-responsible leadership, volunteering is of even greater importance. You are invited to browse the extensive list of activities, organisations etc. and if you have a few hours to spare, please consider volunteering with a group that appeals to you.


More information is available through the Parish Office or the Priests of the Parish