Click here to donate to the Weekly Offering

Q: What is the weekly offering used for?

A: The weekly offering is used for parish expenses which include the following: 

  • Liturgical Supplies
  • Diocesan Contributions
  • Music Ministry 
  • Retreats, Training, Seminars, Meetings
  • Heat, Light
  • Rates & Water
  • Staff Salaries & Training  
  • Postage
  • Insurance
  • Bank Fees
  • Printing/Stationery & IT Costs
  • Telephone & Internet
  • Legal/ Professional Fees
  • Honoraria (Volunteer acknowledgements)

Click here to donate to the Building Fund

Q: What is the building fund used for?

A: The building fund is used for the following: 

General Maintenance on all parish property, which includes

Fire Alarm maintenance and remote monitoring of the church/hall 

Fire Extinguisher maintenance 

Security Alarm maintenance

Gutter Cleaning 

Ground maintenance

Cleaning Equipment and Materials 

General Repairs/ Upkeep 

Safety checks of electrical equipment/Emergency lighting checks/ Fixed Wiring test 

Click here to donate to the Monthly Offering (For the Priest of the Parish)

Q: What is the Monthly Offering used for?

A: The Monthly Offering is used for the priest’s monthly stipend.

Click here to donate to the Collection for Catholics in the Holy land (Good Friday)

Q: What is the Collection for the Catholics in the Holy Land (Good Friday) used for?

A: The annual Good Friday Collection aims to promote among the Christian faithful, a love for the Land of the Lord. Under the supervision of the Order of the Friars Minor (the order changed with responsibility for the Holy Places), this collection is used to help maintain the Holy Places, assist pilgrims and to help the local parish communities with social assistance including; health care, education, work related schemes, and housing restoration. 

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Click here to make a General Donation to St John’s Parish

Q: What is a General Donation used for? 

A:  A general donation can be used towards parish expenses or general maintenance of parish property

Click here to donate to Saint Vincent de Paul St John’s Conference

Q: What is SVDP donation used for?

A: St Vincent de Paul St John’s Conference is dedicated to helping those who are disadvantaged, neglected or in need, without discrimination. The members seek to provide financial assistance, food, clothing, furniture, electrical items, fuel and education for those in need. Many of those we help are unemployed, homeless, families on low income, migrant workers, refugees, asylum seekers, ex-prisoners and those who are facing difficulties through loneliness, illness or relationship breakdown.